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Last week I experienced a pretty devastating setback. I had really “hung my hat” on this one specific thing happening in my business, and I had worked, wished and waited for nearly 3 months for it to all come together. Then on Tuesday everything stopped, and I was told that it wasn’t going to happen. It was so abrupt, so final, that it almost took my breath away. It wasn’t a big blow up, or even a major meltdown; it was so anticlimactic that it left me feeling empty.

It all ended so quickly, and in such a vacuum, that I couldn’t reconcile how I felt. But after a few days I was able to reflect and realize that I had really given up a lot of my own power, my own creativity, and my own drive to focus my energy on this external opportunity. No wonder I was feeling so lost and empty! I realized that, although I need to call on others for their skill or expertise, that the spark, the light, the brilliance comes from me. I had dulled my high voltage instead of just letting it shine.

So here’s to my come-back. My imperfect, slightly haphazard, but exceptionally heartfelt rebound, as I continue to learn who I am, what I value, and what it truly means to be high voltage.

If you’ve experienced a setback and comeback, and want to share your story, we’d love to hear it!