When you need a leadership coach to help you create culture or build an authentic people strategy for your business, I highly recommend Lindsay. Lindsay is my go-to leadership counsel as I grow my team and ensure I am cultivating a culture that reflects the brand I have developed over the many years I’ve been in business. Compassionate, empathetic, wise and passionate about people, Lindsay’s energy and passion for her work – and for her clients – shines through.

Leadership Coach and PR Consultant/Community Leader

Working with Lindsay was a very sound investment for me. She and I worked on some career planning activities and I was highly impressed with her acumen, instincts, and overall quality of her skillset. The end product we got too was of very high quality. Lindsay has a lot of experience working with executives and c-levels, so I appreciated her candid feedback and approach to getting to the outcomes I was after. I have already recommended her several times to close friends and colleagues, and I would not hesitate to work with her again.

Senior Leader and Digital Marketing Expert

Recently I was privileged enough to do 1 on 1 coaching with Lindsay from High Voltage Coaching. As a mom, wife, business woman, leader in direct sales I was struggling with some personal preconceived ideas about who I was, what I needed to do or be. Working with Lindsay helped me to identify a clear and concise vision for my life and business so that I could use that vision as a bottom line and help myself to determine if each action was in the direction that I wanted an needed it to be in order to achieve the results that I desired. Through her training and guidance, I was able to break down walls that we deeply rooted in my life that were holding me back in both my business and professional life. I am truly grateful that Lindsay was so easy to talk to and so professional with the information that I shared. I highly recommend her as a coach and personal friend.

Senior Sales Leader and National Award Winner

Through my coaching relationship with Lindsay, I really wanted to be able to work with someone with a lot of passion and drive to challenge me to challenge myself! My goal was to discover things about myself that could help bring me closer to achieving my big, bold dreams. I wanted to feel confident that once our coaching time ended, that I would still be able to take what I learned and continue to apply it.

I was also looking for some tools in my back pocket that I could pull out from time to time when I am working through future challenges and obstacles. I knew I needed to work with someone who would inspire me to pursue my passion by asking really tough, thought provoking questions. We did just that! At the end of each call she and I also discussed coming up with ‘homework’ or ‘inquiries’ as she called it. Basically, it left me with a discovery for the week. Something that I could say was almost tangible, something to take away and really work on by myself. I found this valuable, as it gave me a focus for the week and made me look at things differently. I often found myself excited to report back my progress and Lindsay always responded enthusiastically. This encouragement kept me motivated to look deeper, have more fun exploring and also helped to get down to the real stuff I was ready to work on.

Lindsay is Passionate, Authentic, Confident… could go on… relatable, enthusiastic, funny. For me, I was building confidence to succeed in life, whether it be career, relationships or personal growth. I didn’t realize before how closely it was all tied together. I knew that if I could start to overcome my fear of not succeeding the rest would fall into place. Work in progress – but the tools and foundation we built together are now stronger than ever.

Lindsay always seemed to know the right questions to ask at the right times! I felt like Lindsay and I could start our discussions with one key thought and build out a plan to overcome something much bigger. Lindsay kept me accountable – which I think is crucial when you’re working together in coaching. Not only the weekly ‘homework’ but I knew she would alway expect me to show up to work – the same as she would show up to coach.

Lindsay’s positivity was radiant! Her feedback was always encouraging, even in difficult conversations. I enjoyed our calls and they were the highlight of many of my days. I can’t say enough about my positive coaching experience I had with Lindsay over the last few months. She has what it takes to inspire others to make real change in their life, to follow their ambitions and to overcome challenges.

Food Blogger and Entrepreneur

I had the pleasure of working with Lindsay for several months. She is a natural coach with incredible intuition and exceptional listening skills along with the perfect sprinkle of kicking you in the butt when you need it. Through a variety of techniques (at just the right time) including powerful questions, inquiries and visioning exercises, Lindsay helped me to discover that I had the answers within me and held me accountable to the decisions and commitments that I made to move myself forward. Through her coaching, I identified parts and abilities within myself that I could call upon in the future to drive purposeful action and to quiet the voice that told me that I couldn’t change, or it was easier to just stay the same. If you’re looking for someone to connect you with you and to make the change you need to make, look no further!

Business Leader and Consultant

I had a great coaching experience with Lindsay. She has a keen ability to know when to ask powerful questions that generated insight and perspective that I did not have prior to these conversations. The coaching kept me accountable to move forward on my goals and to continue to be curious as I learned throughout the process. I also had the opportunity to create a vision board as part of our coaching that has become a reliable resource to check in on my values and purpose. Highly recommend!

Experience Business Consultant and People Leader

So I was basically facing an identity crisis trying to figure out what I should do with my career. I was working in a job in oil and gas at the time, it did not provide me fulfilment. I did my online training course to teach English as a foreign language. That still didn’t seem like my end goal. Lindsay help me paint a picture of what I really wanted one day. She helped me transition my part-time hustle as an eyelash technician to my full-time career.

Lindsay was my first life coach, she not only helped me get clear on what I wanted as a career path, she also helped me discover my true calling, which is helping people feel good about themselves. She offered me tools and homework that would help me clarify and reflect on the current problems in my life.

Lindsay had an outstanding understanding of my problems. When she wasn’t sure what I was speaking about, she would ask specific questions that helped clarify and really made me think.

So I took my side hustle and made it my full-time career and business. I see so much growth ahead of me and I feel extremely confident with my decisions. Working with Lindsay has really helped me discover what I like and what I don’t like by getting me clear on my values, first and foremost. It was an extreme pleasure to work with Lindsay, I have recommended her to numerous people who wanted better their lives!

New Entrepreneur and Social Influencer