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Is This You?

Have you ever felt like there was something stifling your celebrations?

Maybe you’ve got something you’d like to shout from the mountain tops, but a little voice inside says “No one wants to hear about that!”

Or maybe you think “Well that’s a great accomplishment, but failure is just around the corner, so get back to work!”

That, my friend, is your Saboteur talking, and they’ve got you in a Humbleness Headlock.

What Is A Humbleness Headlock?

I was working with an incredible client just a couple of weeks ago who was really battling her Saboteur (or Inner Critic) and I got her permission to share how we were tackling her Saboteur because I think it would be really valuable for so many of you. 

What we uncovered during her coaching session is that her Saboteur puts her in a Humbleness Headlock. Now, this is a WWE-style move, where her Saboteur just wraps its arms around her throat, throws her down to the mat, and keeps her from talking and acknowledging how amazing she is, and how proud she should be of everything that she’s accomplished in her team and business. Especially over the last 18 months, where she’s kept everything afloat, and she’s actually grown her business. It’s really remarkable what she’s done. 

But her Saboteur is trying to convince her that she’s bragging that she shouldn’t talk about that, that nobody wants to hear it, and she’s not adding any value. 

What an incredible load of crap!

So I’m bringing this to you today because I know so many of you, whether you’re a Female Founder and a Small Business CEO, or whether you are working in a corporate environment, or whether you’re a mom at home with your little kids, we all struggle with that incredibly strong, critical inner voice. 

How Do I Get Out Of A Humbleness Headlock?

Well, the truth is, you don’t have to, and there are a couple ways you can start to counter that Humbleness Headlock.

First of all, stop and feel the sensation.  Can you feel that Sabotuer with its arm around your neck?  Maybe it feels like a lump in your throat.  

Or maybe you can hear your Sabotuer saying something similar to my client?  Something like  “That’s nothing to be proud of!” or “You could lose it all at any moment so don’t brag!”  

Acknowledge what you’re feeling and sensing is an important first step to quieting that Inner Critic and getting you out of that Humbleness Headlock!

The second thing you can do is work with a trusted partner, coach, or find a great community to help you to build your strength.  Having a “tag-team” partner who can help you battle back and counter your Saboteur’s moves will get you out of the Humbleness Headlock!  

Supporting Your Success

That’s exactly why I created my new program called The Inner Circle. And this is a small group program is designed specifically for Female Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners who are looking to gain confidence as a leader.  Who wants to be a better CEO in their business, and who are longing for community and connection with other Female Entrepreneurs who understand where they’re at and what they’re grappling with every day. 

If this is something that sounds like it might be a fit for you, I’d love to chat with you about the program and the value it will add for you.  You can also check out more details right here, and connect with me through this link.  The Inner Circle

Of course, group programs aren’t for everyone.  So if working with me 1-on-1 feels like a better fit for you you’re in luck!  I currently have space for 2 VIP Coaching clients this fall.  You can schedule your free Inspiration Session to connect with me and find out more right here.