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Entrepreneur and business owners – trying to keep a business running, healthy, and afloat during a pandemic is an incredible weight to carry. Let alone managing the mental health of your team, and the stress levels of our families.

I knew I needed more connection and community as a business owner, and I’ve heard from some incredible leaders that they are feeling so stressed, so burnt out. They feel so isolated, and alone – like they have nobody to talk to like nobody understood the challenges they are facing. This is why I created the Inner Circle.

I am so incredibly passionate about coaching and leadership, I want to give everyone the tools and resources they need.

I really wanted to create a space where you can talk about the very real challenges you are facing in your business and life. A safe space, free of judgment, to talk about the things that are keeping you up at night. There is collective wisdom to share, and a unique perspective we can all benefit from. It’s in the sharing where we find new, innovative ideas and solutions. We are stronger together!

You also get coaching from me on creating inspiring workplace culture and people strategy so your team can really help drive the success of your business and take it to new heights.

This really is a place of dreaming big and thinking out loud. But also, being raw and real with one another. Let’s get these problems solved – together – faster and better than we could alone.

My friend Dawn O’Connor, is also giving everyone in the Inner Circle 3 months of Focus Bubbles, so you can focus with accountability!

Check out the inner circle on my website and Focus Bubbles for more information!