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What’s missing from your Business Plan?  It’s the PEOPLE STRATEGY!

Do I really need a people strategy?

Yes!  You need a People Strategy if you want your business to grow without losing your mind.

Particularly if your business is starting to struggle due to people issues like these…

You’re starting to feel burnt-out and exhausted

Your customer service is tanking

You’re dealing with high turnover of valuable people 

You’re team dynamic has turned toxic – there’s bickering, fighting and bad behaviour

You’re spending time on things you shouldn’t be

Business growth is being impacted

Productivity is dropping

You have had bad reviews or customer complaints

You’re frustrated with a hiring under-qualified and unreliable contractors

Communication is failing and things are being missed

You’re fed up and frustrated

People Strategy Accelerator: Stop the Struggle

Imagine waking up knowing that you have the right plan to grow your business and your team! 

At the end of the Accelerator you’re going to walk away with…

High-Level Personalize Strategy

We’ll do an in-depth analysis to understand exactly what’s happening inside your business right now.  You’ll walk away with an actionable, step-by-step guide, you can implement right now.

Expert Hiring Plan

You’ll get expert advice, customizable options and recommendations grounded in years of experience to find and retain the right people to grow your business.

The confidence you crave as a CEO

Through actionable tools, implementable processes, and valuable expert ideas you will have the strategic guidance to grow your team, your business and yourself as CEO.

What’s in the vip accelerator?

You will get a half or full-day session with me to dig deeply into your business strategy and uncover all the people, process and leadership issues that exist in your business today.

You’ll leave the session with an accelerated action plan and accountabilities so you know exactly what to do and how to do it.

You’ll receive an in-depth analysis and report on the systemic issues, as well as the custom-designed people strategies to address those issues.

You’ll have an incredibly clear vision of the connection between your People Strategy and your Business Plan so you can see the path to growth.

How It Works

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The VIP People Strategy session delivers your results to you right away so you can start the shift your strategy immediately.

Is there an ROI?  You bet! 

Check out these testimonials

Working with Lindsay helped me to Identify a clear and concise vision for my life and business so that I could use that vision as a bottom line and help myself to determine if each action was in the direction that I wanted an needed it to be in order to achieve the results that I desired.


Retail business owner in growth mode

I was also looking for some tools in my back pocket that I could pull out from time to time when I am working through future challenges and obstacles. I knew I needed to work with someone who would inspire me to pursue my passion by asking really tough, thought provoking questions. We did just that!


Online nutrition coach building a team

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VIP People Strategy Accelerator Investment

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Half Day Accelerator


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Half Day

The half-day VIP Session is perfect for Female Founders who need a head start on their People Strategy.  This 3.5 hour session will start with a deep dive into your business plan, layer in an analysis of what’s working and what’s not, and result in a strategy that you can confidently implement.

Full Day

The full-day VIP Accelerator takes your People Strategy from design right into execution.  This 6.5 hour session begins with the same deep dive as the half-day and then moves quickly from analysis and design to create the programs, tools and execution plans that will make your People Strategy real and impactful.

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