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Have you been putting off hiring, but know that you need help?
Then this program is for you!


Build an Effective Team

Grow Your Culture

Get Support as a Leader

“I’m so busy, I know I need help, but I don’t even know where to start!”

You need this power-packed accelerator program if you are:
Spending most of your day doing things that aren’t in your zone of genius
Your work and life balance is way out of whack
You’re feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list
It’s only January and you’re already exhausted
You have a big 2021 business plan and no idea how you’re going make it all happen – and still manage to sleep
Clients and project deliverables are suffering because you can’t get everything done
You think you’re saving money doing it yourself – but your most important relationships are suffering

Get everything you need to hire with confidence.

In This 4 Week Accelerator Program You Will:

Understand when it’s right to hire and the time line to be successful

Clarity on what type of team member you need – employee or contractor

Create a Killer Job Description that speaks directly to your Rockstar

Develop a custom recruitment strategy that will help you hire top talent

Be able to confidently conduct an interview process that identifies your Rockstar

Articulate an onboarding process that gets your new team member off to a flying start

Hiring The Wrong Person Is a Costly Mistake

Have you made a bad hire in the past?
Maybe you’ve heard horror stories about team members that cause more problems than they solve.

Hiring the work person can impact your business in some really important ways:

Reduced efficiency
Deteriorating customer relationships
Dropped project deadlines
Reduced profits

You Could Outsource Your Recruitment

It is possible to outsource your recruitment to an expert.. Unfortunately, the cost to do that is likely between $3,000 and $5,000 depending on what type and level of role you’re recruiting for. This cost is often way beyond the budget of most entrepreneurs.

The Recruitment Masterclass is designed to give you all the skills and tools that you need, in just 4 short weeks, so that you can confidentially find just the talent you need to bring your business plan to life!

There’s a better way!

The Recruitment Masterclass program is designed specifically to give you process and tools that you need to confidently hire the Rockstar you need to scale your business. At the end of four weeks with me, you’ll be ready to recruit your Rockstar!


It all starts Tuesday, April 10th @ 10am MST

Session #1 – Knowing When to Hire

Before you can find your Rockstar Team Member, you understand when it’s the right time to hire!

In this session, we’ll dig into your business plan and understand:

What activities generate the most revenue – which ones you need to do yourself and where your Rockstar fit in.

Your Zone of Genius and how you can spend more time there.

Ensure YOU are ready to hire, and to lead your Rockstar effectively.

Determine your budgets – both time and money so you feel confident it’s the right move for your business.

Session #2 – Designing Your Killer Job Description

Now that you know it’s time to hire, and you feel confident in the timing an the budget we’ll get your Killer Job Description ready to go! This session we will:

Think deeply about the skills and experience you need to accelerate your business.

Who will fit with our culture and enhance your team in a meaningful way.

Design a description that will speak right to the heart of your Rockstar so they can’t wait to apply!

Session #3 – Elevating The Process

Armed with your Killer Job Description we’ll create a process that will ensure you do the right things at the right time. 

Customize the 8-step process to work for your business and get you the right result.

Know what to do and when to do it so you feel confident executing all the steps.

Create an interview guides and tools that asks all the right questions.

Begin to use those customize tools and the right timing so you can work efficiently and effectively.

Practice interviewing skills and develop a style so that you are confident in asking those great questions.

Session #4 – Negotiations and Onboarding Your Rockstar

Now that you’ve found the right talent you need to get them into your business and up to speed as quicky as possible.  In this session you will:

Create a compelling offer that your Rockstart can’t resist and negotiate successfully.

Develop the tools and process so you can easily complete the reference checks you need to feel confident in your offer

Develop the a custom onboarding process to get your Rockstart gets up to speed, and feels part of the team, as fast as possible.

I know that these 4 sessions will absolutely set you up for success, but I want to make sure that you feel 100% supported through every step of this process. That’s why I’m including a couple extra special bonuses!

4 Weekly Open Coaching Sessions

  • Ask all your questions
  • Get expert advice and coaching
  • Build community

The Recruitment Masterclass Facebook Group

  • Connect with Female Founders from across industries and locations
  • Peer support and advice
  • Regular content specifically for small business owners and solopreneurs

Your Investment Is Only


Here’s what you get with

The Recruitment Masterclass for Small Business

Recruitment Masterclass (Value $1197)

  • A 4-week, high touch program, where you’ll learn how to confidently hire and onboard your next Rockstar.

4-weeks of Open Coaching (Value $1397)

  • Space where you can bring any of your recruitment, leadership, or People Strategy questions and receive expert support.

Rockstar Recruitment Workbook (Value $399)

  • This specially curated, downloadable workbook is filled with every worksheet, tool and template you need to create a successful recruitment plan.

BONUS Recruitment templates (Value $599)

  • Along with your workbook you’ll also receive access to all of my professional templates to make your own!
  • These include my custom job description, prescreen and formal interview templates, offer letters, background check questionaire, and so many more/

BONUS! Online Community (Value $499)

  • You will join an online community of like-minded leaders, where I

EXTRA BONUS! (Unlimited Value)

  • A repeatable recruitment process that you can continue to customize as you add roles to your business.
  • The opportunity to perfect your process and technique, and start you People Strategy!

That is over a $4,000 value!

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