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Isolation is good for COVID — not so much for leadership development

Over the past few months we’ve all become accustomed to spending more time in isolation.  But there are times we really need to connect with others (virtually just to be safe!) particularly when we are looking to grow, learn and problem-solve. Although it’s possible to do it on a solitary basis, brainstorming and seeking creative, innovation solutions tend to work better with other people. Think about some of those ‘brilliant’ ideas you’ve had in the past, and when you told a friend, they looked at you like you’d lost your mind! We’re not always the best judge of our own inspiration!

That’s why I’ve created a space for that connecting and collaborating to happen  — The Inner Circle – a bi-weekly, highly focused program for female small business owners.

What is the Inner Circle?

I’ve purposely designed this group to include female business leaders from a wide variety of backgrounds and industries. Why? Because I’ve found that having people who bring fresh eyes and fresh minds to the table, who are objective and have faced similar problems in different industries, offer new ideas that industry colleagues may not have considered. 

This approach has always proven to be valuable in past Inner Circle groups.  The diversity of thoughts, approaches, and experiences, combined with peer coaching, and expert culture and people strategy from me, benefits everyone in the group! 

Who is the Inner Circle Program for?

The Inner Circle program is for those who are ready to, or already have, a team and culture that they want to foster and grow. It is for the female business leader who wants to be the best leader she can be, and knows she can grow an amazing business through her people and her culture. It is for the small business owner who needs support and coaching, and also wants great connection and collaboration.

The Inner Circle program is for you if you are:
  • A small business owner who is looking to revive your culture, and rebuild your team, as you reopen your business.
  • A business leader and/or entrepreneur who has a team, or will be building one very soon. You need advice and coaching on building a team, creating a culture and leading effectively.
  • A Business or Team Leader looking for guidance and direction on building and leading an effective virtual team.




What is an Inner Circle Session like?

In our sessions, we will cover these topics and others:

  • How to define and communicate about your business culture
  • Aligning your team with that culture to drive the behaviors you desire in your business
  • Outlining a People Strategy that connects your culture and team to your business plan, creating greater value and driving business
  • How compensation, rewards & recognition, as well as recruitment & training all contribute to your culture and fit in your People Plan
  • Leadership coaching so that you can be the leader your team, and your business need

Space is limited – sign up today!

If this sounds like you, let’s set up a time today to discuss how the Inner Circle can support you. I’m also offering a limited time “Founders Price” for the program, so book your chat with me now. Here’s the link to my calendar.

Registration for The Inner Circle Program closes on November 8th so don’t hesitate.

I hope that you’ll join us, and make this investment in yourself and your business.