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Today is the 12th and final day in the 12 Days Of Leadership! I hope you’ve had as much fun exploring what makes a great leader as I have.

And on this 12th day I have a very special gift for you, the gift of embracing the wonderful impact of being a great leader.

As we’ve uncovered, leadership is not just one quality or one trait. Over these 12 days, we’ve explored purpose and inspiration, integrity, respect, honesty, courage and accountability. All those traits are my gifts to you — they are what makes a truly leader.

We are on a journey to grow and inspire others to be leaders themselves; to lead in their lives and their businesses; to lead their teams and their communities.

My final gift to you at the end of these 12 Days of Leadership is:

‘The ultimate gift of great leadership is to inspire others. When we embrace our own authentic leadership we empower others to do the same. And the gift of great leadership grows.’

Being a leader is not a one and done. It is a journey that requires ongoing work and self-examination. If you want to further your development as a leader and become one who inspires others, I encourage you to connect with me. Together we can create a leadership brand that is authentic and inspiring.