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Not only is it Manic Monday, it’s also International Women’s Day! What a great day to celebrate all the great women we know, love and respect.

And don’t you dare forget to stop and celebrate yourself!!

The truth is so many women have been disproportionately impacted by Covid, and the economic fallout, that we’ve all experienced. But I passionately believe that the Future IS Female! It’s women who will fuel the recovery of our economies, reconnect our communities and grow our culture. We have a wonderful opportunity to impact and create change.

But we get in our own way. Our critical inner voice tells us that we have to be perfect, in our life and our business. And it’s total bullshit. What we need to do is be honest, accountable, vulnerable, empathetic, and lead with our whole heart.

Being a great leader is way more valuable and impactful, then trying to be a perfect one.

#iwd2021 #InternationalWomensDay #FeministRecovery