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I’ll be honest, the last several months have been filled with fear for me.  I left a company I loved, a career I’d built for over a decade, took my 10-year life-plan and crammed it into 1-year, and started my own business…all within a matter of months. Yikes!! Each step forward on this epic journey was filled with fear, sending my anxiety into overdrive. So many times I thought I would completely fall apart.

Looking back, what kept me going through it all was was my overwhelming curiosity.  As nervous and anxious as I was, I just couldn’t wait to find out what would happen next; what things would look like tomorrow.  I was intrigued by each new tool or technique and couldn’t get over how many amazing new people I was meeting!  My fear didn’t disappear as much as my curiosity seemed to push it out of the way. I just couldn’t wait for the next new thing…even if it terrified me!

My fear didn’t disappear as much as my curiosity seemed to push it out of the way.

Amazingly enough, after that tsunami of change I’m still standing, and the truth is I’m still scared.  I have no idea what the future holds, and if I’ll be successful in my new role as entrepreneur. I just keep moving forward, approaching anything that scares me with curiosity. Knowing that I’ve made it this far and am resilient enough to handle whatever’s next.

I was lucky to receive some amazing coaching throughout my journey; it made all the difference.  If you’re looking to change your fear into curiosity, and are determined to face your challenges in a more productive way, personal coaching may also work for you.  Let’s connect for a 30 minute Inspiration Session and start transforming that fear into something you can really use!