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On the 11th Day Of Leadership, Coach Lindsay gave to me, the ability to lead collaboratively.

Great leaders know the value of being able to collaborate. They know how to create teams that can connect, learn and grow together. It is through collaboration and the sharing of a variety of ideas and perspectives that we get innovation in our businesses.

When a leader can step out of leading from the front, and begin to, co-lead or lead beside others, and join in the collaboration, as an equal, then they truly can listen and learn from their team.

Great leaders know, that it’s important to hire people that are smarter than they are. And then to step back and allow them to work together and to bring their very best to the table.

So, my glory today is this quote:

“Being a great leader is really about parking your pride and your ego in order to foster be collaboration, so that your team can grow and learn and innovate together.”

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