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If you’ve been listening to the news at all today you know it’s “Blue Monday”.  Blue Monday was originally created as a marketing bit designed to sell beach vacations, not that we need much encouragement at this time of year to plan our escape!  Chances are your credit card bill has just arrived, your bank account is looking more red than black, and you are already lamenting that new year’s resolution that you couldn’t quite stick with.  Whip that all together with a chilly north wind and it might feel like Blue Monday is the real deal.

So how do you beat those blues? 

First of all, be gentle with yourself.  Even if you blew the budget on gifts for the family, or have scarfed back the rest of the holiday baking, don’t worry.  Your whole year isn’t a write off! 

Next, hit the reset button.  Change those failed resolutions into intentions; it’ll not only keep you on track but allow you to recover from the occasional “oopsie” throughout the year. 

Finally, consider working with a personal coach.  A coach can help you create the accountability you want and expand your vision of what’s possible in 2018.  

If you’re curious about coaching and how it might work for you, consider trying one of my free inspiration sessions.  In just 30 minutes you’ll get a taste of the impact working with a personal coach can have in your life.  I’m confident it’ll leave you wanting more, and together we can make sure the rest of your Mondays in 2020 are absolutely brilliant.