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Hi friends! I’m back to the regularly scheduled Manic Monday’s after a wonderful week away. It’s amazing what a little space can for your energy levels!
So this Monday is one of the most Manic because it’s Back To School! And if you’re like me, you’ve created a bit of a story in your head about all the thousand things that could go wrong as we head back to school, as well as back to work. I know that I was telling myself a real whopper of a story about what this “new normal” would look like. But the truth is, that story I’ve been creating is one of an infinite number of possibilities, it’s just the one I’ve been focusing on. And that’s not really getting me anywhere, but stressed out and sleepless.
If this sounds familiar, give today’s Manic Monday a listen. I’ve got a few ideas that I’m trying in order to change my story, and maybe they will work for you. And if you need some help with that story, reach out and let’s connect. We can work through it together.