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Two Months Till Christmas?

It’s the end of October, and I find myself thinking “How the heck did we get here?”
I know that time marches on, as the old saying goes, but it does not feel like time has been moving in the same way since the beginning of the pandemic. Particularly since we all started to isolate in March.

My Realization

What I’ve realized recently is that I really am missing the rituals, the things that we do collectively that mark the passage of time. And I’m deeply missing the connections that are such a big part of those events. Particularly as a solopreneur, and working most days on my own, I’m really craving connection with others.

My Latest Program

That’s why I decided to create my Inner Circle program. I knew that if I’m feeling this way, then I bet there are other small business owners that feel the same. My vision for this small group setting is to really enable a bi-weekly space where we can tackle a hot topic, something that is really important to our businesses right now, and then work collaboratively to uncover creative solutions and support each other. With a focus on growing as leaders, creating inspiring cultures and engaged teams, and developing people strategy that will really propel our businesses, I’m excited to get this started!

Let’s Connect

If this sounds like something that would fit for you, if you are an entrepreneur who is building a team now or in the near future, or really wants to build your own leadership brand, then reach out to me right away. Because this is a small group, space is very limited and I would hate for you to miss out. You’re welcome to DM me directly, or book a time through the link below.
We start November 9th, and I’m hoping this will make our Manic Monday’s a whole lot more magical!