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Did you know that you don’t just have to lead from the front?

I know….crazy right? But it’s true!
You don’t always have to be large and in-charge! And when you allow space for others to lead, particularly on a Manic Monday, it just might make your life a little easier.
So here’s so different ways that you can lead, that we aren’t always aware of:
Leading From The Back – What if you weren’t right at the front setting the pace? Leading from behind means someone else gets to step into the spotlight and learn to lead. And when you lead from the back you can create a great space for others to grow.
Co-leading – What about sharing that leadership burden? It’s a fine balance, but when two people lead together there can be a beautiful creative energy, and a sharing of the responsibilities.
Leading In Your Community – What if you were a leader at large? Leading just by stepping up, helping out, and being available to those that are looking for support and strength, not because you have a specific role or title.
All of these great leadership aspect hinge on one thing…being able to LEAD YOURSELF! If you can’t Lead From Within, and are not really confident in your own leadership brand and style, then you might not be showing up confidently in any other aspect of your leadership.
Leading from within is about being the confident and authentic leader that you’re meant to be. And if you’re ready to embrace your leadership style, and make it all your own let’s connect. My VIP Leadership Coaching program is designed specifically to help female leaders embrace their authentic leadership brand. You can connect with me right here.