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Manic Mondays are always hard. And they’re even harder when you know you’re heading to work in a place that toxic.
I know, because I’ve been there. I’ve work in a place where I got physically sick every morning before I walked in the door. It was that bad.
So what can you do, short of quitting, if you work in a toxic workplace. Well, in this weeks Manic Monday video I have a few suggestions for you. Here’s the short version:
1️⃣ Create awareness – do a check in, are you part of the problem? If you’re participating in things like office gossip, you absolutely are!
2️⃣  Knock it off – now you know that you’re contributing to the negative environment so it’s time to cut it out.
3️⃣  Change your behavior – be the change you want to see. If your office needs more kindness, then be kind! Need more collaboration? Start collaborating! It’s just that simple.
4️⃣ Speak up – this ones a little scary, so you need to judge very carefully if this is the right move. Tell a leader you trust what it happening. Be professional and straightforward to they can action the information.
This is all easier said than done, so if you need support, guidance or coaching to make this happen, let’s connect. I can help you be the change your team needs.
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