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One of the things I don’t do well is stop and celebrate successes. In life or in business – and I am guessing the same may be true for many of you!

So today, I wanted to share that June marks the one-year anniversary of High Voltage Leadership, and I am so incredibly proud! I love what I do in my business and the truth is, that High Voltage Leadership is ME – being High Voltage is who I am, and is at the core of my purpose. The fact I get to bring this into my business each and every day is THRILLING for me.


I love leadership. I love working with female entrepreneurs and small business owners who really want to be a GREAT leader. They want to lead in their life, in their family, their communities, in their friend groups. They want to SHOW UP as their very best self. They want to create a work/life blend that is really special and meaningful. And I want that too! 

I love working with leaders who want that for their team, who want to cultivate that atmosphere and space so their team can show up and do their very best, grow, connect, and communicate.

THAT is why I created High Voltage Leadership, and I am SO PROUD that June is celebrating one year of leadership. 

I want to hear from YOU! What are you celebrating?  What is so important to you that you want to call it out? Share that in the comments below, because I believe it is absolutely critical to stop for just a moment and celebrate what is really special, something that makes you super proud to share.

I truly hope this helps you celebrate something truly special, and make your Manic Monday into something Magical!