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Hey, welcome to another Manic Monday!
We have been talking a lot this week about something I don’t do very well – and that is tooting our own horn, and talking more about what I am awesome at. I find a lot of entrepreneurs and CEO’s are the same way. It’s hard! We don’t want to “brag” but I have had some incredible feedback over the last couple of days and just had to share it with you!
I spoke with two clients who started their own business together at the beginning of COVID – can you believe it? They survived 18 months and are still going strong. We’ve done some work around gaining clarity on leading together and building a people strategy that will ignite their business! Yesterday, we even dug out their business plan and looked at their beautiful mission statement and core values – what they mean, and what the behaviours are that align with those values.
What their team wants to know is HOW they show up really well and are aligned with those values. When we are able to be very clear with our team about how they can do that, they can actually achieve it. The truth is, is that the connection to the big picture in our business is absolutely critical.
Another one of my clients talked about how he was so excited to take on a new position. We’ve been working together so he could achieve his next, big role. This individual has done incredible work not only in his values and mindset but truly digging into why his values are so important to him and how he wants to find that with a new employer. To see him land a new role that he is truly excited about and will set him up for success in the future is truly fantastic! I am always so honoured to be a guide in that process. He is ready to bring his values and purpose to life in his new role and was excited about how that was going to make him incredibly valuable to his new employer.
So today, toot your own horn! What are you celebrating and proud of? Please shout it out, I would love to hear from you all! And I hope this helps you have another magical Monday!