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What I Learned From Watching Jumanji

I was watching the movie Jumaji 2 this weekend with my family. We knew it would be a funny as it stars both Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart, and it didn’t disappoint!  In the movie, the 3 teenage characters get sucked into a real-life video game and have to play together in order win, and eventually get out.  OVER!

Stuck In The Game?                                                                                                                                 The teens very quickly discover that they each have a tattoo on their arms of 3 black bars, on their forearm, representing their “lives” in the game. Each time they “die” they are immediately brought back to life, and one of the bars on their arm disappears.  Lose that 3rd and final bar and it’s GAME the way, the 3 main teens encounter an individual that has been stuck inside the game for 20 years.  He’s been paralyzed by the fear of losing his last life. He is only existing, too afraid to do anything that might jeopardize that final bar on his arm.

You Only Have One Life!                                                                                                                             As I watch, I realized, this super funny movie has a really important message. We all only have one life!  We play the game everyday knowing that there are no take-backs and no tradesies. There are often no second chances. It’s not like every mistake ends in a big, flashing GAME OVER, but today’s choices impact what our life looks like tomorrow. Even when we make a choice to do nothing, paralyzed by fear and our negative inner critic, we are still choosing.  But we not really living.

Take That Risk!                                                                                                                                           At the end of the movie, the teen characters work together to take one final, calculated risk to end the game on their terms.  It could go either way.  Either it’s GAME OVER or they return to their modern lives. When you think about how you live today, are you someone who doesn’t want to take that risk to save that one life-bar you have? Are you trapped in the game just desperate to get out?  Are you so fearful of what might happen that you make no choice at all?

Book An Inspiration Session                                                                                                                     If these questions ring some bells, then you need someone who can help you challenge your assumptions, embrace the risks, and encourage you to take that leap. A coach is just the person to help you do all of those things that will get you back in the game and use the “life bars” you have left so you get the most out of the adventure!  Connect with me today for a free, no obligation Inspiration Session and let’s get you back in the game.