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Welcome to our very first blog post here at High Voltage Coaching!

I’m Lindsay White, professional coach & owner of High Voltage Coaching. I want to thank you for being a part of my journey! This is such an amazing moment for me; the culmination of my own personal dream to be a coach as well as to run my own business. I am so excited to have created my practice and the experience has just reinforced to me that I am capable of whatever I put my mind to – and I know I can help you feel the same way!

Just like you, I have times where I feel exhausted and overwhelmed – barely able to focus on my grocery list, much less the bigger picture. But through my own experience with coaching I have rediscovered my personal truths, reconnected with my values, and reignited my own inner brilliance. I want this for you, and I know I can help you create it. Together, I know we can create magic.