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Does your “inside voice” talk trash to you?
I’m not sure about yours, but my inside voice sure is mean to me! That little jerk in my head says things like, “you’re not smart enough” or “no one’s going to read your blog” or just generally “you are not enough.” That’s why this wonderful video, by spoken word artist Adam Roa, really hit me. My most important relationship, the one with myself, needs some work. I realized that my critical inner voice says things to me that I would never dream of saying to anyone else!! So what do I need to do to change that? Adam’s answer is so simple…treat yourself like someone you loved.

Treat Yourself With Kindness
If I had a friend say to me they don’t feel smart enough, I would say “I think you’re brilliant!” Or if they told me no one would read their blog I would say, “You are so funny. Of course they will love what you write!” So why am I not saying these supportive, encouraging and loving things to my own #1 gal, and by that I mean ME!?! It seriously doesn’t make sense.

Start Today!
So I’ve decided, starting today, I’m going to treating myself with as much compassion and kindness as I treat others. And I’m going to stop giving that snotty voice in my head so much air time. From now on, when I look in the mirror, I’m going to say “There you are! You’re exactly who I’ve been looking for. And you are more than enough.”

If your critical inner voice is really beating you up, and you just can’t get it to shut up, call me and we can tackle it together.