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Thank You To My Village!

Lindsay White

Celebrating the re-launch of HVL

It really does take a village to build and to relaunch a brand! First of all, thank you to everyone again for attending my live launch on October 9th. I also want to thank everyone for their participation over the last few weeks. 

It was such an amazing opportunity to interact with all of you. And it was a labour of love creating all the content for the re-launch and sharing it. I truly enjoyed the entire process. As someone who is still pretty new to the entrepreneur life,  it was also a time for learning — how to design everything and then execute on the live launch. 

It was the first time I had been on that journey and it was so meaningful for me. I’m deeply connected to my company, High Voltage Leadership. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to be courageous and share my passion for my work with everyone. 

The Partners Who Made It All Possible

To begin, I want to thank Andrea Lee of Andrea Lee PR & Design. Andrea was absolutely instrumental in putting all the pieces together for me and helping me understand the process of what goes into creating a launch. She also contributed some fantastic ideas to the process. My second thank you would be to Susan Elford of Susan Elford Coaching & Consulting for all her coaching and mentorship. Without her, I wouldn’t have been able to build out some of the incredible programs and ideas. 

A big thank you also to Jonathan Christian and to Lindsay Carlson of We Make Stuff Happen, who were fundamental in not just the relaunch but the complete renovation of High Voltage Coaching to the High Voltage Leadership brand — the colours, look, feel and experience. I would not have been able to make this happen without them. The We Make Stuff Happen team in collaboration with Susan helped me clarify what High Voltage Leadership is really about. This was an important partnership in bringing this all together.

Rodney & Lindsay White

My Incredibly Supportive Husband

A special thank you to my husband Rodney, who has enabled me over the last three years to develop this dream of being a leadership coach and a people strategist. It’s because of his support that I am able to completely immerse myself in what I am passionate about and I’m eternally grateful to him. 

An enormous thank you to my family — my Mom, Dad and my Sister — who have been 100 percent supportive of me. And my kids deserve a big round of applause for their understanding and patience as my work has sometimes taken time away from them. I really appreciate them! They know that I have worked long and hard for this. I hope this process has set a great example for them of what you can accomplish if you put your mind to it. 

I am grateful to my amazing friend group that has also been rock solid behind me the entire time. Some of these are people I’ve known for many, many years including my BFF, Jody Ulrich, who is also my coach. She has been absolutely remarkable in supporting me in all of this. I can’t even begin to describe how supportive my friend tribe has been — I couldn’t have done this without you.

My Amazing Network

I’ve also been fortunate to develop an incredible network of colleagues and professionals that have also been part of the relaunch. In particular, I want to say thank you to Denise Summers of Amphora Communications for her help with clarifying my message and with some of the writing. You’ve been invaluable in the last couple of months in helping me to clarify  what I want to say.

I’ve really learned, in a significant way, how important it is to surround myself with not  just people that are experts, but people that really believe in me and believe in my journey as an entrepreneur and business owner. I needed them to feel my passion and to fuel it, and then support me in growing, learning and stretching myself. 

Such Incredible Support

Lindsay White

Something Magical Totally Happened!

The truth is that there have been many times over the last year where I wouldn’t have done the things that I’ve been able to do without the undying belief and support of so many people, whether it’s family and friends, partners or business colleagues. This entire process was a full year in the making — 12 months to come full circle to where High Voltage Leadership is live and out there in the world. 

High Voltage Leadership is something I feel confident and proud of. I’m ready to grow and move forward with it. I would not have been able to do it without the help and support of all the people I’ve just mentioned. Thank you, thank you, thank you!