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As women, we tend to be the superhero of our families.  We help our kids, we teach them lessons, maybe ride a bike or write a thesis statement.   It feels soooo good when they succeed and we give ourselves that little pat on the back for their wins.  Because their wins are our wins, too.. right?

Being a superhero can make my days manic.  Manage all of the things!   And sometimes we can get too comfortable being everyone’s savior — we get some real incredible gratification being there for so many people.  Now we are juggling too many balls.  Can’t handle the pressure anymore.  Not doing the things that I enjoy doing for myself.

And then I feel like I have nothing left to give.

Take a Pause, hang on a second.  Ask yourself a few questions…


What I doing here?  Does this actually belong to me?  Does someone need to be resuced here or maybe just empowered?


Listen to my quick video about taking off your superhero cape and removing the pressures of being an entrepreneur, a boss, a mom, a sister and a friend.





The important thing to remember is that if we know when to take off that superhero cape, we can really show up and be the hero when it truly matters.