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“Why the heck didn’t we do this sooner?”
I must have said this a dozen times over the weekend. The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise was such a beautiful and peaceful place to enjoy a break. So, what kept us from enjoying the time away sooner?
Well, there’s about a thousand reasons of course. But it did get me thinking…did I miss some signs that I truly needed this break? And what are those signs?
On today’s Manic Monday I’m sharing a few that I recognized:
1. Loss of creativity – I just wasn’t as innovative and energetic as I normally am.
2. Trouble roblemsolving – I was becoming easily frustrated, in my life and my business, and not able to find compromise and collaboration easily.
3. Low patience – This isn’t my virtue anyway, but it’s been at a real deficit lately. And I’ve been particularly impatient with myself.
4. Loss of perspective – I just haven’t been able to see the “forest for the trees” as they say. This has kept me from those new and innovative solutions I’ve been seeking.
I think that these are all signposts that it’s time for break, and they appear long before we reach that place of burnout. And it’s really important that we don’t ignore them.
What are the signpost that tell you it’s time for a rest? Please share in the comments below.
If you’re you’re an entrepreneur, like me, and you’re struggling to find that blend between work and life, we need to talk. I can help you lead in your work and your life. Follow this link to connect with me today. 
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