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Were you ready for a long weekend about three weeks ago?

Yeah, me too.
The last six week have felt like six months, and am not afraid to tell you that I’m feeling burnout, worn out and exhausted.
I definitely needed a long weekend.
And if you’re a #smallbusinessowner or #solopreneur like me, I bet you’re feeling much the same. So here’s what I’m doing to try and re-energize and re-focused.

Three re-energizing ideas just for you:

1. Working with my coach – she always helps me talk it out, explore the emotions and get back on track. If you don’t have a coach, trust me you need one. DM me and I’ll tell you more about how coaching will change your life too.
2. Get a grip on my nasty Saboteur voices – the Judge, Pleaser, and High-Achiever have been ganging up on me, and that’s just got to stop. If you’re inner critics are making you miserable, there’s a link to a great assessment that will help you identify your Saboteurs and get a grip on them. Here’s a link to the Positive Intelligence Saboteur Assessment.
3. Last but not least, a plan – celebrating wins, saying no with kindness and confidence, and most importantly creating a strategy that I can execute efficiently, that’s what I need.
If part of your strategy is finding someone to help you in your business then you should check out my newest program Your Blueprint To Create An Amazing Team.
This 5-week accelerator will help you find the perfect team member for your business, so you can get some balance back in your life. We get start on Feb 22, and the Early Bird price is only on for a few more days. DM me today to learn more about this customized program, or check out all the details right here
And most importantly, enjoy your #familyday2021!
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