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“I’m working so hard to be the perfect leader my team needs, and it’s killing me!”
If sounds familiar, then you need to stop immediately!
Teams don’t want to follow a perfect leader. In fact they can’t. The reality is no body is perfect, not even you. And in your drive for perfection you’re alienating your team and setting yourself up for failure.
So what does your team want?
They want a leader who’s real. Someone who knows there will be mistakes, and is ready to take ownership when they make them.
They want a leader who will have their back, and hear them when they have a great idea, and listen when they have a really bad day.
They want to leader who has integrity, and does what they say they will do, when they say they’re gonna do it.
They want a leader who is ready to get their hands dirty, can lead the charge, and create a vision that everyone can see and feel in their hearts.
If you’re a leader who’s fed up with trying to be perfect, and are ready to be the great leader you truly desire to be, we should talk. You can book a 30 min. Inspiration Session with me today, and we’ll uncover what being a great leader means for you.
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