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Welcome back to another Manic Monday!

As you can see, I am coming to you while having a nice, relaxing retreat. This has allowed me to sit and do some creative thinking and planning! I love getting incredible ideas out of my head and onto paper. Colorful pens and sticky notes are my favorites! I have also been able to do things that bring me joy – like reading a book and relaxing in the sun!

We’ve talked a lot about taking breaks and giving yourself time for a real vacation. It doesn’t need to be two weeks; it can just be a couple of hours! The purpose is to give you time and space and allow your brain to have a break. This helps all of your beautiful, creative ideas to surface.

One thing that helps me, is “Out of Office” notifications. I like to turn on my “Out of Office” notifications around Noon the day before I am going away so people know that I am not available and am likely not going to respond. I also extend it to the first day that I get back into the office. It doesn’t come off that very first day. What this does is give me an opportunity to re-enter my business and working life with a really easy flow. I don’t have to worry about responding to every email or voicemail right away. I don’t have to worry about all of those things that give me that stress and urgency. It gives you the perfect chance to get back to business while feeling productive.

Another thing I love to do, is book some time to allow all of the creative stuff to continue flowing. I purposefully schedule some time in my calendar for things like a walk to continue all of that creative thinking.

My hope is that if you’re on vacation like I am, or planning to go on one soon, that this helps you take the Manic Monday on the other side – and turn it magical!