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Welcome back to another Manic Monday!

I am so excited to celebrate the 1-Year Anniversary of High Voltage Leadership with you each and every Monday this month!

I am really trying to highlight some of the important things that cause the female founders and CEO’s I work with to have Manic Mondays. This week, I want to focus on the WHO. When I talked with some incredible female founders and business owners last week, it was really all about their teams. The who, the people who make the magic happen. Now, whether you are a solopreneur and are looking to add your very first team member, or you are leading a larger team that you are looking to bring back into the office as we slowly come out of COVID; either way these are all the questions around the people and the culture that are causing so many female business owners to lose sleep at night and cause their Manic Mondays.

So what are the answers? You really need to focus on your own leadership – how are YOU showing up in your life and in your business so you can lead your employees, contractors, or team members with really great passion and poise?

Secondly, what do you need and what is your business plan? Who do you need, and what skills and experience do they need to help you achieve the needs of your business?

The third thing, of course, is all about the culture. What are you doing to create a workspace and environment where everyone (including yourself!) can show up every day and make an incredible contribution, feel good, and do their very best work?

If this is something you are struggling with, I would love to help! I have a great workbook called the Definitive Guide to Creating Culture After COVID. It is absolutely FREE and it is of course filled with all sorts of resources, tips and tools to help get your workplace culture back on track as we get out of COVID. It is also incredibly useful for someone who is just getting started and looking to hire their first person, and I would LOVE to send that to you! So send me a message today and hopefully finding the right people, really getting into the WHO, will help you have a more Magical Monday!