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Welcome to another Manic Monday!

How do you lead when times are great? How do you lead when times are rough? We’ve just come out of one of the toughest times in history for small business owners! This is a time where it is particularly important to nurture that workplace culture. So how do we do this?

We need to be authentic and understand what makes you a great leader. How do your values and purpose play into that? Embrace your authentic leadership style that allows you to show up fully!

Listening is key, and is definitely not something that comes naturally to everyone! We need to connect and communicate with our team. And this really comes from a space of empathy!

We also need to be transparent in our communications. Being able to be honest and forthright with your team really demonstrates your level of integrity as a business owner. It also shows your team the level of trust you have with them! Sometimes, this means having some really tough conversations – and this can be really challenging for small business owners and CEOs! The truth is, we never want to deliver bad news, and being transparent can be even harder when it’s negative!

I hope this helps you really understand how you can step up and lead whether your business is thriving and doing really well – or if you’re struggling and are going through some rough times.

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