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I’m in the business of transformation. That’s why my clients come to me, they want something different in their life. And whether we start talking about their carrier, relationship, or a wellness goal, inevitably the transformation they experience through our coaching extends to every aspect of their life.

Transformation Doesn’t Have To Be Big                                                                                                For many, the word transformation can be really big and daunting. It evokes a visual like climbing Mount Everest, or a when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. Those are definitely powerful examples of transformation, but is that the only way we experience change? Certainly for some, but not for all of my clients.

Transformation Has Many Forms
For some, transformation is about setting boundaries where there were none before. Or it can be leaning in to a situation that you would have shrunk away from in the past. Transformation can even be creating space for yourself where there was never any, or taking up space when you need to. As Pablo Yeung says transformation can be “taking the best parts of you and giving them more room in your life.” Whatever allows you to embrace who you really are, deep down inside, in a more meaningful and connected way is automatically transformative.

So what part of you needs more space?
Where do you want to lean in or stand up? Where do you want to feel transformation? I would love to hear your thoughts! And if these questions inspire you, and you want help finding the answers, let’s connect and find your transformation.