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It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already since I launched High Voltage Leadership! Lord knows there hasn’t been much to celebrate over the past year or so, but this anniversary has been a great opportunity to pause, and reflect on how far I’ve come.

For all of us, this last year has been one of the most challenging we’ve ever been through, mostly because of the ups and downs of COVID. It’s also been an incredible opportunity to develop our leadership skills, including empathy, vulnerability, and resilience. We’ve definitely had a trial by fire!

For High Voltage Leadership, and for me, it’s been a year to stretch, grow, manage big emotions, and elevate my abilities. And it’s been no different for the female entrepreneurs and small business owners that I support.

Although I wouldn’t want to revisit much of 2020, it has really reinforced the reason I set out to do this work, and why it’s valuable for those incredible businesswomen whom I help to rise above the status quo.

My Mission – My Why

During my 15 years working in human resources and strategic talent management, and 10 years prior to that working in operations and administration, I’ve worked with some incredible leaders. (And some terrible ones too!) What I’ve observed is that leaders who want to be great, not perfect, are the most effective and impactful. I’ve also learned that without an inclusive culture and strong people management strategy, success will be at best, fleeting and at worst, unattainable. Without a strong foundation of team and culture, any business, no matter the size, will struggle and likely fail.

I felt so strongly about combining great leadership, with an inspiring culture, and a people strategy that impacts the team and business, that I made it my mission!

After earning my professional coaching designations, I uncovered a way to integrate my High Voltage coaching style with the people strategy expertise that I already possessed. This combination, along with my love for female entrepreneurs and the amazing businesses they create, was the genesis of High Voltage Leadership!

Now, I get to live my passion for helping women to become successful in their lives and their business, and to bring people strategy to small businesses. By doing this work together, the women I serve create a healthy culture, a thriving team, and ultimately, drive their business plan and their success.

Many of these amazing female entrepreneurs are super burnt-out and frustrated when we first connect. They’ve tried to shoulder the entire burden, and believe they can power through any challenge. Until they can’t anymore. I work with them to understand what needs to change in their life and their business, and how they can make those changes, based on their values and their purpose.

Why Is That Important?

As a business owner, if you are not embracing who you are as a leader in your business and your life, then you’re not showing up authentically.

If you’re not able to articulate your own values, and how those values are reflected in your business, then you’re not adding the greatest value.

And if you’re not well-grounded in your own purpose or your own WHY then you’re not inspiring your team, and ultimately your clients.

“This journey of finding my purpose has allowed me to gain clarity on how I am best able to serve not only myself, but the clients I so deeply want to help, so they can make the same change for themselves. My purpose was truly clouded until today, for whatever reason today I was open to being transformed, taking a huge leap closer to the person that I truly am. This will help me better guide my clients on their own journeys.”

A business where leadership and people strategy intersect to create an inspiring culture is a place where every team member can do their best work every day. It’s a workplace where people are excited to participate, where they feel ownership, and where they trust that they can learn and grow. It’s a space where everyone knows they’re being taken care of, and clients feel that love.

“Working with Lindsay helped me to Identify a clear and concise vision for my life and business so that I could use that vision as a bottom line and help myself to determine if each action was in the direction that I wanted and needed it to be in order to achieve the results that I desired.”

What I Do I Different

I know what I do at High Voltage Leadership is different. Combining great leadership, particularly for a female small business owner, with the people strategy and the HR execution, is a completely unique offering in the marketplace. While some HR firms offer coaching, their focus is really on HR practice. And there are leadership coaches who focus on leadership, but they don’t offer the HR or people strategy expertise that I do. Ultimately, it’s the unique combination of leadership, culture and strategy that makes High Voltage Leadership different, and that’s why I was so happy to celebrate my very first anniversary!

If you, or your business, are ready for a new and High Voltage approach to leadership, culture, team building, and strategy, then we should connect. In just 30 minutes I can diagnose what’s happening with your team, your business, and your life, and provide you with actionable steps to move you forward. You can book a virtual coffee with me today by clicking here.