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You’d think after 13 months we’d have this work from home (WFH) stuff figured out.
Nope. Not even close.
I hear from clients every week how they, and their teams, are really struggling in the WFH environment. It’s not for lack of trying. We’ve all done our best to make this adjustment, that many of us actually were pretty excited about to start with.
Recently I was featured in an article called “Isolated and Unproductive – The Dark Side of WFH” where I talked about the problems that WFH has created for many small businesses owners and their teams.
So how do you avoid the “Dark Side” of WFH with your team? Here’s a couple tips:
1. Set up a meeting each week, with each team member (no matter if they are an employee or contractor) to talk about nothing but them. What are they struggling with? What do they want to celebrate? Where can you help, support, remove roadblocks, inspire or otherwise help?
2. Do not accept “I’m fine” as an actual answer. No one is “fine” right now. We just aren’t. Consider that two-word response and indication that things are not fine, and dig just a little deeper. How do you do that? See #3.
3. Be open and vulnerable. A willingness to show that you’re not “fine” will go a long way to helping others be forward with their own not-fine-ness.
4. If they won’t talk to you, maybe they’ll talk to someone else on the team. Consider creating a buddy system, particularly for younger more junior team members, and ensure they have someone they can connect with.
And the same is true for you as a leader. If you hear yourself saying “I’m fine” repeatedly maybe it’s time to get connected with support just for you. My VIP Leadership Coaching program is designed to help your foster resilience as a leader, so you can look after your team and your business. DM today to set up a virtual coffee and find out more about how coaching can support you through the dark side of WFH.
Here’s a link to the article I mentioned above “Isolated and Unproductive – The Dark Side of WFH” that I was recently featured in.
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