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It’s a bit of a hot topic right now, but as business owners and CEO’s we are all looking at ways to bring our teams back to work. We’re having to make big decisions – do we stay remote? Do we find a hybrid space in the middle, or do we bring everybody back together? It’s a personal decision we need to make for ourselves, and as a team! The truth is, it depends on many factors but really centers around the question “How do I want my team to feel”?

The most important thing is that we as business owners and CEO’s, really have to set the tone and understand our own values and how that is reflected in our business every day. It’s in the way we show up as a leader to our team. You have to do your own homework first because you are the most accountable person within your organization!

Secondly, it’s important to be having great conversations with your team, whether they are contractors or employees. It is absolutely key to understand what is important to them and how they are really feeling. You have to do a lot more listening than you do talking!

I am doing a webinar later this week, where I talk about what YOU need to lead, and how to really harness your own values. How can you bring those to life in your business, and how do we craft the behaviors so that your values are really present? I would love for you to join us, so save your seat here!

I am also super excited about the Inner Circle program I am launching for you in October! I’ve designed it specifically for small business owners and CEO’s so that they can really work together in a collective and collaborative way. When you join, you can really share some wisdom and immerse yourself in content that I absolutely love and think is so important – leadership, culture, and building a people strategy that really grows your business!

If you want to learn more, check out the Inner Circle on my website!

I hope you all have a magical Monday!