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5 Important Things To Consider Before You Hire


“I don’t have my ducks in a row.  I have squirrels. And they’re at a rave.”  Ever heard phrase?   I coach many entrepreneurs who feel like they live in that level of chaos, chasing a big group of squirrels, every single day.

These busy, passionate people are working hard to build really successful businesses, but there comes a point when they just can’t do all the work themselves any more. They know they need help. What they don’t know is, who do they need to hire, what do they need the new hire(s) do, and exactly where do they even find them? And they are too busy to figure it out. It’s a vicious cycle…which just adds to the “squirrels-at-a-rave” feeling!

If this sounds like you, connect with me today to find out how my 5-week accelerator program ‘Female Founder To CEO – Your Blueprint To Creating An Amazing Team’ can help you. This jam-packed program will get you out of that rave, and ready to go with a new Team Member, by the end of Q1.

1. Hire With Your Business Plan In Mind

One of the key pieces that you need to have firmly established is your business plan.  Where are you headed?  What are you trying to create?  If you know where you’re going, and what your goals are, you’ll have a more clear idea of how to get there, and who you need along for the journey!  With a clear vision of where you want to grow your business, you can more easily articulate the skills, experience and attributes you’ll need in order to get there.  And when you know this, you’ll be better able to find all of it in a Team Member!

If you don’t already have a Business Plan developed, or it needs a little work, connect with me today.  I have a special 2-hour strategy session where we can tackle your plan, get it organized and articulated, and ready for you to blow out of the water!

2.  Hire To Grow Your Culture

Understanding what kind of culture you want to create in your business is valuable so you know what type of person will be a fit.  Do you want to foster a culture that is based in independence and innovation, or do value collaboration and kindness more? Is it important that process and efficiency are top of mind, or is it more valuable that you have a very open flow and iterative approach.  Being articulate about what is important in your culture will help your new Team Member understand their success.  Being able to share this information when recruiting allows the candidate to understand if they are a good fit. If you need help articulating your culture, you can download my freebie right here.

3. Own Your Zone Of Genius

Before you run off and start hiring Team Members, it’s really important that you know what you’re hiring for. Essentially, that’s identifying what you, not only do best, but have the most passion for.  You can find out more hereIt’s these activities that you do so well, that are typically where you make the most impact,and where you create the most revenue. When you understand, and can operate, in your own Zone Of Genius, then you can better identify who you need to add to your Team, and what you need them to do.

4. Group Tasks And Create Roles

Now that you’ve thought about your business plan, your culture, and your own Zone Of Genius, you’re probably already starting to think about all the other things that need to happen in your business.  If you’re like me, it’s things like the administrative tasks, the bookkeeping, the social media management among others.  These are absolutely NOT my Zone.  In fact, I make a bit of a mess when I start to dabble in them, so it really is best that I have someone with the right expertise helping me.

To create roles in your business that others can take on successfully, start by grouping tasks together that make sense, depend on the same skill sets, and have similar levels of accountability. When you do this, you’ll likely see that you have several roles you could fill right away.  Ask yourself, which roles do I need to fill first?  Which role would allow me to get into my Zone, and allow me to do what I do best?  That’s the role you need to hire for first.

5. Understand The Market

Last, but certainly not least, you need to understand your local talent market.  This is the pool of talented people you want to connect with.  Now that you know what role you’re hiring for, who will fit, and the skills someone would need to do that role, where are you going to find that magical unicorn??  If you need a virtual assistant, where do they hang out?  Are they one Facebook?  Is there a group?  What about using an app like UpWork?  And what do you pay someone?  As an entrepreneur, I have no idea what the going rate is for a VA!  Where do I go for that kind of information?  It’s a lot to try and answer.  I’ve created a cheat-sheet to help you with this — download it here.

Overwhelmed Yet?

It seems like a lot of questions, with a variety of answers, but it’s actually just a matter of finding the right move for you. If you’re like most of my small business leaders, you likely have a sense of what the right move is, you just need a little expert guidance.  That’s why I designed my 5-week accelerator program called “Female Founder To CEO – Your Blueprint To Creating An Amazing Team.”  In this quick and practical program, I’ll show you how to answer all these questions so you’re set up for success. You’ll know how to recruit and hire your amazing new Team Member. We’ll do it all in five short weeks!

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And if you feel like you need more information, and want to connect with me first, I’m always happy to have a quick virtual coffee chat, where I can answer all your questions, and discuss how we can get your first Team Member successfully hired. 

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