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Welcome back to the last Manic Monday of June! Thank you all so much for spending some time with me this month, celebrating the one year anniversary of High Voltage Leadership! It really gave me the unique opportunity to really reconnect and rediscover why I love working with female entrepreneurs and business owners. Helping them build incredible teams and inspiring cultures, and ultimately creating some really great strategies to drive their businesses forward! It really has been wonderful to re-engage with my purpose.

One of the important conversations I’ve had with a client this month was really about the messiness of coaching! If you’ve experienced working with a coach before, you know that it can be down and dirty. It can be uncomfortable, unpleasant, and it is really hard work! But the truth of it all is that there is some incredible magic in all of that mess. There’s self-discovery, the ability to peel back all of the layers of the onion, and uncover something that you never even knew about yourself! That is why I really love doing that work. It’s remarkable to see others explore their own beliefs, their own understandings, their values, and their perspective of the world. To uncover something that is transformational, that is truly grounding. It gives them incredible confidence!

In doing this work with others, I find incredible passion in myself! So thank you again, for helping me really reconnect and experience that this month! My message to you this week is to encourage you to find the magic in your mess as you work to explore your own values, culture, and understanding of yourself. I hope this helps you have another magical Monday!!