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I am so excited to continue celebrating the one-year anniversary of High Voltage Leadership with you throughout the month of June! It has been a really great experience reflecting back on some of the important reasons I started this business in the first place – and is a great reason to think about why Mondays are so Manic!

One of the biggest things that cause chaos is our values. The values we have as leaders and business owners especially are the things we take with us and leverage with our teams, clients, vendors, and all through the businesses we build. It’s when we don’t know or understand our values, if we are not connected to them, or simply don’t know how to bring them to life is when we have our Manic Mondays. For me, family is a large value of mine. Spending time with the people I love and building, nurturing those relationships. But I also have a value of success. And sometimes, that value of success comes into direct conflict with that value of family because they both require large pieces of me. So that’s where Mondays become a little more manic. How do I find the blend?

For so many of the female entrepreneurs and CEO’s I have been working with it is when they begin creating that blend that they truly find the fulfillment they are looking for in their life and business. They can feel confident in the business that they build, the team that they lead, and the culture they create. So if you are struggling to understand your values, bring them to life, or maybe see conflict in them – send me a DM! I would truly love to help you navigate that!

I hope this helps you have a truly magical Monday!