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Business owners and CEOs – do you consider yourself to be resilient?

Resilience has never been talked about more than right now. It is our ability to bounce back after times of challenges and change. I think we can all agree we have had a lot of that over the last 19 months, and sometimes our resiliency gets tested. Our tank can run really low, and sometimes we run on empty, but the most important thing we can do to refuel our resilience is surrounding ourselves with community.

This is why I’ve created the Inner Circle, a community for you to connect with others who can really hear us, see us and understand where we are at. It is designed to support you with a great community, great connections, and incredible collaboration to help you explore what is going on in your business and your life.

We are getting started on October 18th, so if community and connection are something you’re missing, join us! Reach out and send me a message, I would love to connect. Or check out my website for more information.