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On the 9th Day Of Leadership, Coach Lindsay gave to me, the gift of courage.

Courage is ability to move ahead in spite of difficulty, pain, or even danger. There’s no doubt, 2020 was filled with all of that!

There have been so many difficulties & challenges for every business owner. But a courageous leader chooses to move forward with purpose & conviction.  Courage is cause-driven. Courageous leaders keep moving forward despite the fear of failure & against the odds.

Being a small business owner is risky. Leaders with courage face those risks, challenge the norms, & move forward even when they feel vulnerable and afraid. They move ahead in spite of the fear.

My gift to you today are these words:
‘We are courageous when we stand up for our beliefs & our values; when we create boundaries; when we offer others a perspective different from their own.’

We all have the ability to be courageous. As leaders, we must take that first step & show the way.

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