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On the 8th Day Of Leadership, Coach Lindsay gave to me…the gift of being a resilient leader.

Small business owners have never experienced a year like 2020.  We’ve experienced difficulty, setbacks, and losses – personally and professionally.

✳️ To be resilient, in spite of all this upheaval, we need to get comfortable being uncomfortable and living with ambiguity.
✳️ To be resilient we need to stay curious. How can we shift our lives and businesses to grow through these hard thing?
✳️ To be resilient we need self-care. Rest, exercise, mindfulness, mediation.

As business leaders, we will always face difficult times. A resilient leader will thrive on finding innovative solutions to move forward in a positive, productive way, inspiring others to do the same.

My gift to you today is this:
‘As a resilient leader, we must be comfortable with ambiguity and stay curious in the face of great challenges.’

Resilient leaders also need coaching and mentorship. My High Voltage VIP coaching program is the perfect place to grow your leadership and build resilience.  Together we work 1-on-1 to build your confidence & resilience. You can connect with me here to find out more!