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On the 10th Day Of Leadership, Coach Lindsay gave to me, the gift of humility and accountability.

These two traits are found in every truly great leader. We must remember that we are human beings; we make mistakes.
A great leader is self aware enough to understand, and humble enough to admit, when they have made mistakes and when they need help.

As great leaders, we delegate. We give credit where credit is due. We acknowledge the contributions of those we lead. Our role is to help them to be successful.  Being humble means we are willing to listen. Being accountable mean acknowledging when we are wrong.

Great leaders are wise enough to surround themselves with people who are smarter than they are, and more skilled in certain areas.  These wise people know it’s how they lead and how they make others feel that builds inspires and motivated teams.

My gift to you today is these words:
‘Humble and accountable leaders understand they are not better than anyone else. They are simply part of the team’

As leaders, we must be willing to create a foundation for success for our teams.

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