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I’ve been talking a lot with leaders this week about their own, personal leadership brand. 

I have an amazing metaphor for you that has been instrumental in helping them figure out their Manic Mondays! 

One thing that stands out, is that these leaders are all individuals. The teams that they lead are diverse and some lead larger teams and everyone on their teams are individuals. They all have their own ideas and values!

So the big question is how do we get all of these people working together, harmoniously, in time, and in tune. My advice to you is to think of yourself as a conductor of an orchestra. How does this apply? Well, let me tell you!

You are the “conductor” of your business. An Orchestra has a variety of instruments – and they are not all playing the same instrument. Some instruments play louder, some play the harmony – and some just come into play at different points.  But they all come together to make something beautiful. And who pulls that all together? You got it! The conductor. Everyone on your team has different strengths and your job is to pull it all together. You set the tone.

Now, every leader has their own style. It’s the culture and tone that you set. Some conductors are big and bold! Others do little tiny movements. And knowing your leadership brand in order to lead authentically and bring harmony to everyone who works in your business.

My hope is this metaphor helps you this week as you lead your team, so you don’t have such a Manic Monday!