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I was on my way home earlier this week, listening to CBC radio as I often do when I’m in the car, and I happened to catch an interview with NHL Hall of Famer Ken Dryden. He made a particular comment in that interview that has been rattling around in my head now for the past couple days. His comment, and I’m paraphrasing, was that a person’s character isn’t grown, or even developed, it is “revealed”. That particular turn of phrase really struck me…what does it mean to have our character revealed?

​Of course, Ken was specifically talking about how a tough, gritty game like hockey reveals a competitor’s true nature, but I found this theme continuing to come up in my coaching sessions. As I spoke with different clients, with different issues and vastly different perspectives, the phrase kept entering our conversations…. “character is revealed”. What I noticed is that my clients all had one thing in common; when uncomfortable, unstable or really off their game, increasingly their character continued to shine a little brighter. In fact, by bravely and tirelessly working through the discomfort and fighting through the challenge, that glow got even more intense. Clearly Ken is on to something!

As a coach it was really interesting to me that I could see their glowing character reveal itself, but they couldn’t. I realized it’s difficult to look at ourselves in that way, especially when we are frustrated, fearful or confused. I believe that’s where I can add the most value as a coach, by being a witness, and even a reflection, for my clients. Enabling them to see for themselves and supporting them as they connect to their inner brilliance. That’s the message I certainly tried to leave each of my clients with over the past couple days; that their character is revealing itself, their glow is shining through, and they have all the answers they need.

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