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Hello, and welcome to another Manic Monday!

One thing that I’ve been talking about with clients and colleagues recently is this idea of work and life balance. It can be challenging and frustrating – and this can play into the inner critic that tells us we are not doing enough – or worse, that we are not good enough.

That’s why I’ve decided that I’m not going to talk about work/life balance anymore. I am going to talk about work/life BLEND. Balance means we have to organize, strategize and level everything out – being a partner, mother, and friend all the while being a leader in our business.

The truth is, those things don’t ever really line up. And if they do, it’s only for about 2.2 seconds. The work and life blend allows us to BLEND our home life, personal life, and our working life. Sometimes, you may need to be more present for your family. And other days you will need to work a little longer, harder, and that means dinner doesn’t get on the table until a little bit later. But that’s okay! We tend to beat ourselves up trying to balance everything, but when we can BLEND those pieces together in a way that leave us feeling happy and fulfilled, we honor those values that are important to us as an individual. We are able to live a life of purpose that fills us with joy!

If you are finding it difficult to achieve that work/life blend I have a really incredible program launching in October called the Inner Circle. It’s built specifically for small business CEO’s that are trying to create a work/life blend while leveling up in their business and build a workplace culture that helps drive their business forward! You can get all of the information on my website here!

I hope this helps you shift your perspective and help you find the work and life blend you’re looking for! Have a magical Monday!