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Hello, and welcome to another Manic Monday!

I want to talk to you this week about the idea of Radical Transparency. Just the thought of being so raw, open, and honest with your team can really freak you out – I get it!! But the truth is, there are some really great benefits to allowing your team in, and being so vulnerable.

The idea of being fair, but not always equal is interesting to me. Would you trust someone who works very part-time with as much responsibility as someone who works with you shoulder to shoulder every day? The answer, most likely, is no. You share what is fair and makes sense! But it is equally important to ensure your entire team is connected to that vision, that mission, and what is happening in the business.

I hope this helps you see how being open can be really valuable! And if you’re looking for a place to share in an open, transparent, and radical way I have an incredible option for you!

I have created the Inner Circle for female entrepreneurs and CEO’s who are looking for a place where they can connect and collaborate! They can find confidence in an incredible community with some content all about leadership, work/life blend, and of course creating a culture and people strategy!

If the Inner Circle feels like the right place for you, send me a DM and get on the waiting list! I would love to connect with you!

Inner Circle Program for Women in Business