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Welcome back to another raw, real, Manic Monday!

We’ve been talking a lot recently about being real. We all have a lot of heavy stuff going on in our lives. It’s anxiety, sadness, frustration… fighting with our teenagers, having our house a complete disaster. It’s working in our businesses and trying so hard to make things happen as small business owners, mothers, grandmas, friends, and all of those things. Eventually, it wears us down, myself included! So I’m here to encourage you to do the very same thing.

We have to be real, show up as truly authentic, as who we really are. Sometimes, that’s no makeup, hair up in a messy bun. Sometimes that’s a full-on ugly cry, in the middle of a meltdown and I’m here to tell you – it’s okay to be on the Hot Mess Express!

We see everyone on TikTok and Instagram, polished with filters… and that is just not real life. Is it fun, cool, and entertaining? Absolutely! But it truly is what’s on the inside, the real you that counts. 

Being vulnerable helps you connect with your staff and clients and ultimately create great connections and relationships in your life and business. And that is truly what counts. I really hope this message helps you show up as the true authentic you, in every way you have to show up. 

Also – I am super excited to be speaking at the Entrepreneur Success Summit this Tuesday (tomorrow!!) at 1:45PM, and I am doing a 45 highly interactive workshop that will absolutely blow you away! We are going to work on creating a Leadership Brand Statement and this is about being truly real and leading from the inside out! If you haven’t grabbed your ticket yet, what are you waiting for?! The link is down below. See you there!

The Entrepreneur Success Summit