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your work-life blend?

We’ve busted the myth of the perfect work-life balance, embraced the magic that’s in the mess, and uncovered how we can leverage your values, purpose and vision to create a Work-Life BLEND that really serves you.  And now you’re ready for more!

Join me for my Work-Life BLEND workshop where we will dig even deeper into your values, uncover your greater purpose, and embrace the vision you have for yourself –  bringing all of that powerful information together to create a Work-Life BLEND that really works!

You’ll leave this 3-hour session with a better understanding of who you are and what you need to feel successful in your life and your business, how to create boundaries that serve you, and what you need to embrace and integrate all the aspects of your life, so you can feel joyful and fulfilled again.

This session is designed for all female entrepreneurs who struggle with blending the demands of their work and their life, no matter what roles and responsibilities you have today!


A $699 value – just $349 for R.A.W. Experience participants!

Positive intelligence

a 6-week mental fitness bootcamp for leaders

This powerful mental fitness bootcamp helps leaders master their own Saboteurs (those nasty little voices in our head) so that they can lead with greater focus, creativity, and passion.  

The next bootcamp cohort starts at the end of soon!

A $1,200 value – just $995 for R.A.W. participants!

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Daily practice, guided in the custom app, to help establish new neural pathways


Weekly group coaching sessions with Lindsay to facilitate powerful discussions and reflections


Weekly hour-long video delivers deep experiential exploration of the week’s focus


Measured process and constant feedback to reinforce your growth and learning

Your Leadership Brand is your promise to those you have relationships with.

VIP Leadership coaching

Lindsay White Culture Recovery Toolkit after Covid business owners Calgary

One on one support

Every coaching session with Lindsay is a deep, meaningful connection enabling you to fully explore how you lead from within, experimenting with new ideas, exploring new tools, and creating an authentic and impactful style.

Coaching & Accountability

Led by Lindsay, a certified coach with more than 15 years experience, you’ll receive expert coaching that’ll have you communicating more clearly, connecting more deeply and leading with greater impact.

Exclusively for TD WIL Participants

This exclusive offer is only for those participating in R.A.W. Experience summit – $250 off a 3-month VIP Leadership Coaching program.  Valid until June 30, 2022.

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Everyone deserves to have a great leader.  Not a perfect one.

Lindsay White, Business Coach

Lindsay White

Certified Coach,

People operation expert

& Podcast Host

I am passionate about working with people who want to be great leaders, in their life and their business, and want to create a work-life BLEND that allows them to be successful at both.

I wholeheartedly believe that the myth of work-life balance is what’s been keeping us feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and burnt-out.  

I know that when we focus on what matters most – those things that we deeply value, like our family, connection, authenticity and integrity, that we can embrace the messiness in our lives and find the magic.  

When we give up the illusion that we need to have the perfect work-life balance, and redirect all that energy to be present and truly enjoying every experience, then we can find a blend of our work and our life that is meaningful, fulfilling and truly, deeply joyful.

If you’re ready to ditch the stress and anxiety that comes with always struggling to stay in balance, and are ready to embrace the beauty that is a personal blend, then let’s connect and talk about how we can create that for you.

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