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So many of the female founders and CEOS I’ve been speaking with have really been feeling the Manic in the Monday. Feeling super burnt out and stressed, and I think a lot of this can be attributed to the burden this Pandemic has placed on our businesses, our family – our friendships, and our connections. We are REALLY done with it!

Now, the truth is there is one instrumental part of getting through the manic, especially as a small business CEO – and that is understanding and connecting with your purpose. You need to remember WHY you are doing this, WHY did you choose to start? Why do you choose to stay up late and continue to give it everything you’ve got? It is so common, and easy, to lose sight of this! When this happens, it can even allow us to fall out of love with our businesses. Understanding your purpose, your WHY, is simply the best way to reignite that passion!

As you know, June marks 1 year of High Voltage Leadership – and that really speaks to MY why!  High Voltage is who I am. It’s my life statement, to be the High Voltage extension cord that connects you to your inner brilliance. It is about helping leaders be great, and build really amazing, powerful teams. You do that by connecting people to your business strategy – and that really drives success. 

I am so happy to connect with and share my WHY every day.  This is why it is my passion, my mission, to help every small business owner that I can connect to her WHY. That’s where the magic happens, and I love bringing that to life in the middle of her business so everyone can connect to it!

And hey, if you don’t know your why and need a little help, call me! Let’s talk about it, and start to uncover and figure it out together! That’s what I live for!

I hope this helps make your Manic Monday just a little more magical!